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About the Centre for Ethics

The Centre for Ethics at the University of Zurich is a multi-faculty initiative which is unique in Switzerland. The Chairs in Ethics within the Faculties of Theology, Philosophy and Medicine are at the heart of the Centre, which was founded in 1995. They are organised within the Institute for Social Ethics (Faculty of Theology), the Ethics Research Institute (Faculty of Philosophy) and the Institute for Biomedical Ethics (Faculty of Medicine). More than 50 scientific members of staff are currently working in this environment, which boasts a good international network.

The Centre for Ethics is the first institution of its kind in Switzerland. At the University of Zurich it is responsible for conducting and coordinating ethics teaching and research. Its most successful projects include the University Research Program for Ethics and the Postgraduate Program Advanced Studies in Applied Ethics. Numerous research projects, workshops and publications have made an impact far beyond national boundaries.

Research and teaching at the Centre for Ethics are concerned, on the one hand, with basic reflection on issues of moral philosophy and theological ethics and, on the other hand, with current issues in applied ethics. In the area of applied ethics, research focuses on biomedical, political and environmental ethics. The most important cross-section themes are justice and human dignity. This interplay between basic reflection and applied ethics from the perspective of different disciplines is one of the specific competences of the Centre for Ethics.

The ethicists from the Faculties of Theology and Philosophy work at the address Zollikerstrasse 117, while those from the Faculty of Medicine work in the city centre, near the university hospital, at the address Pestalozzistrasse 24.

Villa Abegg: Ethik-Zentrum

Villa Abegg:                     AFE, ISE und UFSP Ethik


Pestalozzistrasse 24:              IBME                                        

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