Corti Fellowship

Every two to three years, the Center for Ethics invites a researcher to be a so-called Corti Fellow in the field of practical philosophy or ethics. This research period is financed by the Arnold Corti-Stamm Foundation (Winterthur).

Since February 2016, Dr. Miriam Ronzoni


March 2013, Prof. David Archard, started his work as a Corti-Fellow ath the Center for Ethics. He will deal with questions of procreative liberty, free speech and moral status.


In June 2011, within the framework of the Corti Fellowship at the Center for Ethics, Prof. Sarah Buss started to work on the issues of "Why should we respect others?" and "what is at stake when reasos for actions are addressed". 


In 2009, Dr. Corinna Mieth was our guest for three months. She worked on a research project "Obligaitons to eliminate evils, especially the proverty problem".


The Corti Fellow in 2007 was Dr. Jens Timmermann. He worked on a research project "The problem of practical cases of doubt in Kant's moral philosophy".