Library of the Institute of Biomedical Ethics

University of Zurich
Center of Ethics, Institute of Biomedical Ethics
Zollikerstrasse 115
CH-8008 Zurich
T: +41 44 634 83 81/83
F: +41 44 634 83 89

Office hours

For borrowing books, please call in advance +41 44 634 83 83 or ask by e-mail

User eligibility

All members of the University of Zurich and ETHZ, members of the Internationale Bodenseehochschule (IBH) and owners of the Bibliopass,
persons over the age of 16 and public and private institutions can be signed in as collective users. All users of the library are bound by the user agreement, which can be consulted on the internet and printed.


Books are grouped thematically and on a provisional basis. The online-catalogue ( IDS Zürich Universität) should be used to search for the exact call number of a book in advance.

Link to OPAC (IDS Zürich Universität)
Databank of the Main Library, University of Zurich-Irchel useres can access the site only through their University account.

Scientific papers of the Institute of Biomedical Ethics

Online journals

It is also possible to access and download the electronic journals of the Institute via the University account.

Here you can find a list of all electronically available journals of the discipline "Ethics".

Delivery of documents (mailing)

Due to the construction phase of the Institute library, documents can only be accessed direclty by eligible users (see above). A general fee-based mailing service will be tested at a later date.


Books that have been borrowed may be reserved through OPAC (IDS Zürich Universität). As soon as the reserved book has been returned, you will receive a written notice and we will hold the book for you for 10 days (from the date of the notice).

Suggestions and Complaints

Suggestions for new acquisitions are welcome. Suggestions and complaints should be sent to the librarian.