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Ethik-Zentrum Arbeits- und Forschungsstelle für Ethik

October 13th-14th 2008 – Conference: Towards the Center of Pragmatism

There is a growing need for meta-philosophical orientation in philosophy. This need is becoming more urgent, as different fields of academic philosophy are subdifferentiating themselves ever more laboriously, and theoretical and practical philosophy are in danger of losing sight of each other. Pragmatism, due to its tradition of integrating and synthesizing different fields is the most obvious candidate to engage with in order to clarify what post-analytic philosophy stands for.
    The conference will attempt to identify central epistemic and ethical concepts and claims within pragmatism, both critical and constructive, in relation to theoretical and practical reasoning. Main speakers are: David Bakhurst (Kingston, Ontario), James Conant (Chicago), Wolf-Jürgen Cramm (Zurich), Anton Leist (Zurich), Lukas Meyer (Berne), Cheryl Misak (Toronto), John O'Neill (Manchester), Huw Price (Sydney), Henry Richardson (Washington), Michael Williams (Baltimore).

Participation is free of charge, but the numer of participants is limited and registration is required! Please contact Lisa Brun

October 13th-14th 2008, Zurich University, Karl-Schmid-Strasse 4, 8006 Zurich, Room KO2-F-152.

Pragmatism_Conference_Plan (PDF, 61 KB)

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