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Center for Ethics Institute of Social Ethics


Classes: Systematic Theology – Ethics in HS 2023

Proseminar Ethik (BA), Sebastian FarrDetails

Seminar: Ethik der digitalen Transformation (BA/MA), Christian Hugo Hoffmann & Lea Chilian Details

Repetitorium Ethik (MA), Lea Chilian Details

Vorlesung: Paul Tillich (BA/MA), Matthias Neugebauer Details

Doktoranden- und Habilitandenkolloquium, Michael Coors Details

Forschungsseminar Ethik, Lea Chilian  Details


Information on module "independent reading 'Ethics'"

List of recommended literature for students in majors here (PDF, 84 KB).

List of recommended literature for students in minors here (PDF, 52 KB).

Guidelines for Assignments and Papers

You can use the guidelines of the Institute for Hermeneutics and Philosophy of Religion on Papers for you assignments in theological ethics-classes: Details (in German)

Topics for papers are to be discussed with our teaching-staff in advance of enrollment. See our evaluation-matrix (in German) for further information on our grading-system.