Institute of Social Ethics

left to right.: Tabea Horvath (student assistent), Michael Braunschweig (PostDoc URPP), Sebastian Farr (teaching and research assistant), Michael Coors (head of institute), Nina Streeck (PostDoc URPP), Lea Chilian (senior teaching and research assistant), Sabine Krieger (librarian), Jana Holeckova (office)
Not in picture: Eva Schaufelberger (secretary)

Founded in 1964, the Institute of Social Ethics is a research center of the University of Zurich devoted to theological, theoretical, and applied ethics, with a focus on religion in the contemporary world. Areas of expertise include political, environmental, medical, and business ethics. With a strong international focus, the Institute aims to bring together ethical reflection and public policy analysis to address matters of domestic and global concern.

The Institute's responsibilieties include:

  • establishing and managing the curriculum in theological and social ethics at the University of Zurich
  • implementing research projects in ethics
  • organizing and hosting conferences and symposia
  • cooperating with other ethics-related institutions in Switzerland and around the world.