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Center for Ethics Institute of Social Ethics

Ethics-Committee Faculty of Theology

The Ethics-Committee of the Faculty of Theology is responsible for ethical review of research-projects, which are conducted within the Faculty of Theology (Theology and Study of Religions). It's members have been elected by the Faculty-Assembly and are not bound by directives in their practice.

A vote by the Ethics-Committee can be necessary when applying for research-funding (e.g. by the SNF) or in the context of publications research-work – especially when conducting research with human participants (e.g. conducting interviews). 

Further information on the necessity of an ethics-vote can be found here.

You can check whether your project requires an ethics-vote using this checklist (PDF, 69 KB).

UZH Policy on ethical review for research on and with human participants.


  • Prof. Dr. Michael Coors, Institute of Social Ethics, ThF (President)
  • Sebastian Farr, Institute of Social Ethics, ThF
  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Löschke, SNFS Professorship, PhF
  • Prof. Dr. Simon Peng-Keller, Spiritual Care, ThF
  • Dr. Mira Menzfeld, Religious Studies (Deputy President)